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Compassionate Training, Transformative Learning: The Experts  To Support Your Journey to Trauma-Informed Excellence

At J3MS Consulting Ltd, we are passionate about providing trauma informed training and consultancy services. We specialise in ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) awareness, trauma informed care, and resilience building. Our team of expert consultants will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to create safe and supportive environments for individuals, organisations, and communities. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by trauma.

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Unrivalled expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled consultants who specialise in trauma informed care and ACE awareness. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have a deep understanding of the effects of trauma and the ability to create healing and resilient environments. J3MS Consulting Ltd brings together the appropriate individuals with the necessary skills to implement the right change at the right time for your organisation. 

With visionary thinking and innovative methodologies, we aim to unleash your organisation's potential for success, pushing boundaries and embracing the extraordinary together.

Comprehensive training programs

Our organisation provides a wide range of training programs that are designed to equip individuals, organisations, and communities with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively support those who have been affected by trauma. 

We follow a proven public health approach that is evaluated and evidence-based, ensuring that the strategies and techniques we teach are reliable and effective. 

By partnering with us, you can transform your work and maximise the benefits of adopting a trauma-informed approach in your operations and services.

Tailored solutions

J3MS Consulting Ltd offers tailored solutions to meet specific needs and overcome challenges, guaranteeing optimal results and efficiency. 

By choosing to collaborate with J3MS Consulting Ltd, you gain access to a team of industry experts dedicated to implementing sustainable transformations and improving the welfare of your teams and clients through cutting edge strategies and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Clients

Here are just a few of the organisations we have had the opportunity to work with.

Unlocking Resilience: Why Embracing a Trauma-Informed Approach Drives Business Success

Integrating trauma-informed practices into business operations is not just a socially responsible choice; it also makes good business sense by positively impacting employee well-being, team dynamics, talent acquisition, customer relations, and overall corporate reputation. Here's what the research tells us...

Improved Mental Health Outcomes

Workplaces with trauma-informed practices linked to reduced PTSD symptoms and improved mental health for employees 

(Bonanno, Westphal, & Mancini, 2011).

Enhanced Coping Mechanisms

Trauma-informed interventions help individuals develop adaptive coping mechanisms, leading to increased resilience against stressors 

(Herman, Perry, and van der Kolk 2009).

Positive Impact on Workplace Culture

Trauma-informed approaches improve workplace culture by promoting trust, support, and community among employees 

(Covington & Burke, 2006).

Reduced Absenteeism and Turnover

Organisations using trauma-informed practices showed reduced absenteeism and turnover, suggesting increased employee resilience and commitment

(Hodgins, Kim, & Kliewer, 2017).

Enhanced Emotional Regulation

Trauma-informed approaches enhance emotional regulation skills, crucial for individual resilience

(Sippel et al. (2015).

Reduced Workplace 

Trauma-informed strategies help decrease workplace tension and interpersonal conflicts, promoting a collaborative and supportive environment

(Turner, Rapp, and van den Bos 2018).

Our Mission

At J3MS Consulting Ltd, our mission is to empower individuals, organisations, and communities by promoting trauma informed practices, ACE awareness, and resilience building. We believe that by fostering a trauma informed approach, we can create a more compassionate and supportive society.

We help you achieve success by working together to make your teams more resilient.

"Training was excellent both in delivery and
contents. Felt like both Jo and Sally have a
perfect blend, which keeps the sessions upbeat
and refreshing throughout.
Thank you both so much for the nuggets of
wisdom, and perspective of hope and optimism
for what can be a more compassionate world."

- Health Care Professional Oct 2023


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